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Custom Walnut Services and Walnut Grower Purchases


We Buy Walnuts:

If you are a high quality California walnut grower you have found the right walnut processor. We will optimize the potential of your crop and we offer strong, long lasting business relationships. Contact us to inquire about selling your inshell walnuts.

Custom Shelling Walnuts:

Companies send us their inshell walnuts and we shell it for them at a cost and efficiency that greatly benefits them. We send it back completely shelled and clean, they then sell the product as their own. The gentleness of our extremely fast shelling line produces higher meat retention, higher half counts, and higher quality walnuts. It gives us the edge for shelling, and you the edge for better capturing the full potential of your product. With more product, and at higher quality, you have more product to sell and at greater value.
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Custom Cleaning Walnuts:

Other custom shelling companies send their own product to Acme Walnut Shelling to be processed. Custom cleaning however, is only the cleaning of the product that has already been shelled. Clean meaning removing the shell and other trash which is not a DFA certifiable walnut meat. Our laser sorting capabilities allow us to effectively clean any walnut product a company has.
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